Concrete floors deserve better treatment than just being walked on. An HTC Superfloor™ will really make you appreciate the advantages of having concrete as an exposed floor surface. Dirty, grey floors are transformed into brilliant, easy-clean, environmentally-friendly and durable floors. It simply requires some thought.
The fact that concrete is a tough and durable material has been common knowledge for thousands of years. Ancient traces of the material dating back some 7000 years have been discovered and some of the most famous buildings from the Roman Empire, including the Pantheon, were built of concrete. Yet in spite of this, knowledge of making concrete was forgotten. It wasn’t until the 17th century that concrete was rediscovered and once more became one of the most common construction materials of our time.

Its Latin name, concretum, has become synonymous throughout history with strength and durability. HTC Superfloor™ is the revolutionary flooring concept with a technique that makes concrete more than just strong and hard-wearing. The technique is as simple as it is ingenious. HTC’s machines and diamond tools grind and polish concrete floors to remove the surface paste and expose the stronger concrete beneath. The result of this process is a stronger, more durable, shiny and beautiful floor. The environment and your bottom line both benefit too.

HTC Superfloor™
More than just a beautiful finish

Beauty comes from below Floors are an important part of everyday life, in both industrial areas and private residences. But as well as looking good, a floor needs to be functional too.That’s why you’re going to love HTC Superfloor™. The glossy concrete surface is not just aesthetically pleasing – it brings a host of other benefits too.

Strong floor, strong bottom line
HTC Superfloor™ is an extremely economical option for all types of business activities. Compared with traditional methods for concrete floors or epoxy, for example, HTC Superfloor™ offers unbeatable durability. The processed construction concrete has an unlimited lifespan, i.e. the same as the lifespan of the building. The initial investment is the same, or lower, than for traditional flooring solutions, but the low maintenance cost and the longer lifespan make HTC Superfloor™ the most lucrative investment option. The life cycle cost is about 60% less than for traditional flooring solutions. And using the Twister™ method of cleaning,you’ll find your floor is simple, environmentally- friendly and cost-effective to maintain.

Toward a better environment
Concrete is composed of pure natural materials. The coatings that are often applied to the concrete have an adverse effect on the environment. HTC Superfloor™ uses as much as 30 times less energy than traditional flooring solutions. The Twister™ floor maintenance system is also the only completely eco-friendly cleaning method. Twister™ uses nothing but ordinary water, no chemicals!

A floor to suit all tastes

HTC Superfloor™ is available as four different concepts. Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. This means you can choose between a floor with a matt surface finish or a high gloss finish.

A floor for the electronics industry
The resistance tests conducted, both on floor joists and on concrete slabs on the ground, show that HTC Superfloor ™ complies with the SS-EN 61340-5-1 standard. Measured values fall within the range for the international IEC standard and the American ANSI/ESD standard too. Walk-around tests with ESD shoes generally produce low or no static. The limits stipulated in the standard for the handling of electronics have not been exceeded by HTC Superfloor™ in any cases.

Only use water
The HTC Twister™ cleaning method allows you to keep all types of floors clean with the minimum of effort. All that is required is water – no chemicals or polishing agents. This make HTC Twister™ more gentle on floors and produces brilliant results. The diamond pads fit most of the scrubbing machines on the market.

HTC Superfloor™ concept

Four different grinding concepts
Platinum produces the glossiest finish and is the concept we normally recommend to our customers. It involves more grinding stages than the other concepts. The result is an unbeatably durable floor. Truck wheels and substances leave no marks on the glossy surface and light reflects gently off the floor.

HTC Superfloor™ Gold
Using the Gold concept, you do not grind as deep into the concrete as with Platinum. This means that less ballast is exposed. Just like the other concepts, Gold then involves polishing the floor with HTC Twister™ to achieve a gloss that is almost as brilliant as a Platinum finish. Gold produces a floor with excellent resistance to marks from truck wheels, etc. HTC Superfloor™ Gold is ideal for concrete floors that are already even and level.

HTC Superfloor™ Silver
The Silver concept is a version of Platinum. Using this concept, you grind as deep into the concrete as with Platinum, but do not polish it. The ballast is exposed as with Platinum. Silver is therefore excellent if you want a floor with a matt surface finish.

HTC Superfloor™Bronze
Bronze is the concept with the least number of grinding and polishing stages. This concept does not involve exposing the construction concrete. Instead, the top layer of the surface paste is polished but not removed. This process creates a stronger surface paste with a shiny finish.

Bennefits of the HTC Superfloor:

  • Cost-effective
  • Aesthetically-appealing
  • Environmentally-friendly option
  • Can be coloured without losing its qualities
  • Slip-proof, even when the floor is wet
  • Highest fire-safety class
  • Easy-to-clean. No truck marks, etc.
  • Well within the range for the international IEC 61340-5-1 standard and the American ANSI/ESD S20.20-1999 standard for ESD values
  • Infinite lifespan with Twister™ maintenance
  • Just as good for new installations as for floor renovations
  • 60% lower life cycle cost than with traditional flooring solutions
  • Lower vibration level for vehicles
  • Tests for abrasion resistance according to SS and prEN standards, rebound values and slip resistance produce results that conform with one another. All the results according to SS 13 72 41 are well below the specified limits (>K50) after 1600 revs.

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