Shrinkage compensating mortar systems are used in the field of constructive civil engineering for an actuated undergrouting of compound units. The main fields of application are as follows:

  • undergrouting of steel constructions
  • grouting of machines, bridge beds, rails and slabs
  • anchor grouting of machines and threaded rods
  • grouting of prefabricated compound units and hole footings
  • pipe lines of sewage plants

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The mortar systems have the following advantages:

  • pumpable
  • undergrouting thickness up to 120 mm
  • extremely high flowability
  • very high early strength
  • crack- free hardening
  • water impermeable
  • frost and grit- salt resistant
  • high final compressive strength
  • low chromate content

When a fast curing time is mandatory required after application works we use a two component repair mortar based on methyl methacrylate liquid resin which acts as the binder and a mix of specially graded quartz aggregate and powder additives. The material is fully cured and ready for use no more than one hour after placing. The high compression strength is greater than 80 MPa, even at application temperatures under zero Celsius.

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